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"This site is an exploration of the language of electronic craft through the creation of hand made everyday electronic devices. The intent is to help users and creators understand the technologies around them better, modify them to fit their real needs and possibly create new ones altogether.

What happens when users look under the hood of the technologies that surround them and get their hands dirty with hardware and electronics?

Electroniccrafts.org started as a research project investigating the possible impact of the democratization of technical knowledge on the fields of consumer electronics. What kind of new approaches, products and models could emerge from a wide-spread movement of more and more people doing-it-themselves? What would be the consequences to the world of design and interactive creation?

In an attempt to contribute to the raise of overall electronic literacy amongst non-technical people, the series of objects presented here (ranging from music player to USB charger) explore and refine a methodology of electronic crafts based the practices spreading trough already emerging open source information networks. What can a craftsmenship approach bring to the future of new technologies?"