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= edupunk is student-centered, resourceful, teacher- or community-created rather than corporate-sourced, and underwritten by a progressive political stance [1]


Jim Groom:

"Edupunk, it seems, takes old-school Progressive educational tactics--hands-on learning that starts with the learner's interests--and makes them relevant to today's digital age, sometimes by forgoing digital technologies entirely." (


From the Wikipedia:

"Edupunk is a ideology referring to teaching and learning practices that result from a do it yourself (DIY) attitude. Many instructional applications can be described as DIY education or Edupunk. It describes inventive teaching and inventive learning.

The term was first used on May 25, 2008 by Jim Groom in his blog, [1] and covered less than a week later in the Chronicle of Higher Education. Stephen Downes, a theorist on the field of online education and new media, asserts that "the concept of Edupunk has totally caught wind, spreading through the blogosphere like wildfire"." (