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URL = http://edgeryders.eu


"Edgeryders is a community of changemakers. We are all different, and yet similar in this: we have made our homes at the edges of society. We explore the edges of living and working practices, and we think the edge is where change comes from." (https://edgeryders.eu/en/a-community-and-a-company - 2017)

"A global community of (mostly) young Europeans. We aspire to put our time and effort into solving the global societal, economic, environmental, security and energy problems threatening Europe and humanity in general. We care about things like open access to knowledge; openness and transparency of government; food security; smart communities; decentralised economic architecture; free/open source software; and art." (http://directory.p2pvalue.eu/explore/cbpp-communities/community/datasheet/edgeryders - 2015 - gone away 2017)