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= Ecology and the Commons: Citizen collaboration and information visualizing Project proposed and organized by  ; Juan Freire and Karla Brunet as part of Commons Lab. (2010)



"This Commons Lab group aims to use the project “Narrativas digitales para la participación comunitaria en la gestión de ecosistemas costeros” (Digital narratives for community participation in the management of coastal ecosystems) as a platform for discussion. This project is centered in the idea that digital media can support coastal communities in developing their own narratives on their life and use of coastal ecosystems. Our objectives through this project are:

Generate collaborations for the improvement of the processes and methodology. Provoke spaces for discussion where this project is presented (methodology, objectives and results) and critically analyzed, by generating a discussion with the team of experts involved in the Laboratory. Offer the Laboratory different case studies that serve as elements to consider and ponder on the nature of the Commons."