Ecofeminism in the Research Field

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* Article: Angles and “limes” in American Studies: Ecofeminism in the research field. By Margot Lauwers. Angles, New Perspectives on the Anglophone World, 3 | 2016



"As an activist and research movement, ecofeminism is concerned with the interrelations between sexism, racism, speciesism and environmental degradation. Thus, from its beginning in the 1970s, the ecofeminist movement has argued that angles and “limes” between disciplines were not always as definite as one might think. This article proposes to draw on the latest evolutions in the field of ecofeminist studies—namely the fact that ecofeminist literary criticism has successfully used literature out of its literary limits as an inter-space between practice and theory —and from my own experience as a young scholar working on ecofeminism, in order to clarify the ecofeminist approach to limits and angles on the one hand. It also aims to demonstrate how the problems ecofeminism encountered in successfully dealing with its problematic transdisciplinarity might serve to help further other interdisciplinary research in Anglo-American studies."