Eben Moglen on an Internet Legal Framework

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= first a 10 minutes french introduction by Philippe Aigrain, then main presentation in english by Eben Moglen

URL = http://paigrain.debatpublic.net/?p=151


"At the invitation of Squaring the Net and FING, Eben Moglen, chair of the Software Freedom Law Center and enlightening analyst of the stakes of information technology and the Internet, spoke on 5 June 2008 in La Cantine on “Culture and the Internet : what is at stake in the legal framework”. You can access the conference video below. The introductory talks and the first minutes of the conference (10′ total) are in French, the rest in English. Subtitled versions will soon be available on the Squaring the Net site." (http://paigrain.debatpublic.net/?p=151)