Eben Moglen on Free Culture after the Dotcommunist Manifesto

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Eben Moglen on Free Culture after the Dotcommunist Manifesto.

2003 speech, video at http://opencultures.t0.or.at/oc/participants/moglen/video.ram


"As I outlined in the dotCommunist Manifesto, http://moglen.law.columbia.edu/publications/dcm.html, the moral and political conflict over the ownership of culture that will define the first half of the twenty-first century has now been joined. In this talk, I shall be considering the role of software as an example of the transformation of culture and in relation to the creation of the infrastructure for revolution." (http://opencultures.t0.or.at/oc/participants/moglen)

Moglen is Professor of Law at Columbia University in New York, where he has taught since 1987, and a Board Member and General Counsel of the Free Software Foundation, which he has represented without fee since 1993. Moglen holds a Ph.D. in American History from Yale University. Past occupations include working as a programming language designer at IBM, and as a law clerk to Justice Thurgood Marshall of the United States Supreme Court.

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Home page at http://moglen.law.columbia.edu