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= "Our Governance Principles are based on the Sixteen Indigenous Principles for Developing a Sustainable, Harmonious and Prosperous World. We apply and invest in these principles through Our Value Currencies. Our core decision making processes take place collectively".



"EARTHwise Centre a non-profit organization dedicated to providing leadership and education for becoming Earth wise people for a thriving world.

The word "EARTHwise" means to become wise and evolutionary coherent like our planet Earth as well as to act in harmony with the healthy living systems of our planet Earth. This is also the foundation of indigenous wisdom. The words "EARTHwise Centre" represent how we place the indigenous wisdom of our planet Earth at the centre of all we do and who we are.

Our organization is registered in Mauritius with international chapters in Europe, Argentina, the USA and Australia. Through our consultancy, speaking engagements, research and advocacy we provide leadership for thrivability. Thrivability goes further than sustainability and supports the full blossoming of people, the Earth, and all her living beings - including our oceans, forests, and vital climate systems.

We promote our innate evolutionary coherence through our EARTHwise Tipping Point System (TPS), which is designed as a wisdom collaboratory. TPS is bringing together an incredible team, council, and alliance of highly talented and committed leaders, creatives, influencers, and solutionaries from diverse fields." (