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"Earthsharing is a world movement dedicated to achieving economic justice for all people, and to reforming the way we treat our limited planetary resources. It is not “fairies at the bottom of the garden” stuff, but it is about hard-nosed, focused reform.

We propose a simple shift away from the taxation of our hard work (income tax) and onto resources, ensuring the natural wealth of the planet is shared amongst all. We should all be shareholders by fact of our birth-rights as equals on this planet. We do this through a system of Resource Rentals." (


Why the name Earthsharing?

"Earthsharing connotes that we have a responsibility to share access to natural resources equitably – and to be mindful of the rights of future generations by caring for the global environment. There is an elegant adjustment to economic systems that effectively secures these most fundamental, but neglected, human rights to all people. What is this ‘elegant adjustment’?

Earthsharing is at odds with those who misuse or monopolise resources, so we are committed to an annual charge – based on the value of resources over which title is held – as the primary source of community revenues. This annual title fee would replace many taxes, but acts quite unlike a tax. Where taxes take from production and tend to inhibit employment, natural resource revenues do not. But they do reduce misuse of resources, and allocate them more equitably amongst those who are prepared to pay the title fee and use them responsibly.

The loudest outcry against the principles of Earthsharing has traditionally been from those people and institutions locked into mindsets of speculation, monopoly and environmental plunder. As a result, confusingly elaborate and inadequate systems of palliative care and ‘charity’ have been allowed to develop, in place of an economic system grounded in principles of natural justice. Until now, we have adapted to social and environmental problems, rather than eliminating their cause.

A profound new economic model – which puts people and nature firmly back in to economics – would evolve from Earthsharing’s annual levy on land and resource values. This new economic synthesis secures the rights of all, and privilege for none, by protecting people and the environment. It puts an end to ’speculative booms’ – and to resulting periods of social and ecological devastation such as we are now witnessing.

Throughout history many people have provided “endorsements” of this system of natural ecological and economic justice. Perhaps the writings of the social philosopher, Henry George (1839-1897) put its case best." (