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Event 1

By Sophie Bloemen, Commonswatch mailing list, January 2017:

"Also, in the Netherlands - in Amsterdam to be specific- a process has started towards a Dutch Commons Assembly with of the Dutch people attending the Brussels Assembly.

We had a public event: https://dezwijger.nl/programma/european-commons-assembly and there is a great deal of interest."

Event 2

Thomas de Groot:

"After the European Commons Assembly, we decided to kickstart the Dutch Commons Assembly in Amsterdam. It will be a platform for commoners throughout The Netherlands, to bridge theory, practice and politics.

We have been organizing events in Amsterdam to gather input from Dutch practitioners, and during the International Assembly for the Study of the Commons (IASC2017) we will host a sort of kick-off event in Utrecht.

We plan to receive many international visitors of the conference, to connect with local practitioners and pioneers. The event will be on the 13th of July, Thursday, in the TivoliVredenburg ( a large pop venue right next to the central station ).

For anyone that will be in Utrecht during that week of IASC2017: you are very welcome to pass by! We will have speakers, case studies and we will officially present our platform there. And there will be loads of beer :)

You can follow us on Twitter here, on Facebook here, and you can join the event here.

Please send me a message via [email protected] if you want to help out in any way, or if you want to collaborate on the program of the evening. Tips for speakers, music acts or initiatives are welcome!

De Meent (The Dutch Commons Assembly) is founded by: Socrates Schouten (from the Waag Society), Joachim Meerkerk (from Pakhuis De Zwijger), Thomas de Groot (from Commons Network), Melissa Koutouzis (from DiEM25), Sophie Bloemen (director of Commons Network), Bart Cosijn (from civic initiative Burgertop Amsterdam), Jelle de Graaf (Pirateparty Amsterdam leader) and Christiaan Fruneaux (from Monnik)." (email June 2017)

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