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DotSub = online translation and subtitling of movies



"dotSUB is

  • a set of unique browser tools for subtitling film from one language into any other language
  • a catalogue of films subtitled into multiple languages using our tools

Any film, in any language can be hosted at no cost on our site and made available for web viewing for non commercial purposes on the terms outlined in our license agreement. Once dotSUB obtains or creates a time-stamped transcript of the film, it becomes available for possible subtitling using our browser based tools. The resulting creation of a subtitled, derivative work, in one or more languages, is then added to our catalogue for online viewing and potential future distribution.

dotSUB develops our catalogue of films in multiple languages by obtaining permission from the film's rights holder(s) to create a derivative work. All new language versions of films in the dotSUB catalogue share non-exclusive rights with the filmmaker or content owner.

dotSUB and the filmmaker or rights holder retain the rights to the derivative works created. All revenue from future uses of the new derivative works are shared between dotSUB, the filmmaker/rights-holder and the translator on a basis to be determined after the beta test."