Doc Searls on Vendor Relationships Management

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Podcast 1

Collective discussion, with Doc Searls et al., on Vendor Relationships Management


"One of the major issues in technology is how to make services available to the less knowledgeable, making them so-called "grandparent compliant". In addition, consumers continue to look for ways to get what they need from businesses, rather than accepting a model based on a broken customer management system. Britt Blaser of Open Resource Group and Doc Searls, senior editor for Linux Journal, join Phil, Matt, and Scott in a discussion of the new paths of technology and how they relate to the average consumer.

ORG is developing a "community management system", a way for groups to join together and exist without the technological complexities of the current social networking sites. Britt gives a detailed overview of the current state of things and details some of the principles guiding the work.

One of the offshoots of this work was the desire to create a "Vendor Management System", a way for consumers to get businesses to respond to their needs, rather than having to be put into marketing controls. Doc discusses the concept and gives a number of real-world examples showing how the customer would be able to take control of their own needs.

The group also discusses Bruce Sterling's book, Shaping Things, a look at design and how it relates to information technology and the future. They also review current situations that point towards a vendor management future." (

Podcast 2

Interview by Radio Berkman via