Distributed Valerism

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Matthew Pirkowski on: Distributed Valerism: The Economic Frontier of the 21st Century

"Like Adam Smith 200 years ago, we stand at the event horizon of a new economic world. It’s impossible to predict exactly what the new world will bring, but I believe that — informed by the evolution and limitations of the current systems we use to represent and transact value — it’s possible to articulate useful outlines of the economic and technological transformations upon the horizon.

By introducing the concept of Distributed Valerism, from the Latin valere — loosely translated as “of worth” — I seek to establish a conceptual handle that maps more closely to the technological, cultural, and economic transformations upon the present horizon.

Distributed Valerism shifts economic focus away from concerns regarding the centralized management of ownership and toward the long-tail dynamics of value representation, storage, and transaction within a behavioral landscape adapted to the novel physical and game theoretic constraints of an information economy.

Valerism represents Capitalism’s extension into — and balanced transformation at the hands of — the Information Age. It is the process of making fertile and economically incorporating vast swaths of untapped human potential, at present left fallow due to constraints both historical and technological. " (https://hackernoon.com/crypto-beyond-capitalism-the-rise-of-distributed-valerism-7e3c1285a308)