Dewayne Hendricks on the Need for Open Spectrum Policy Reform

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Title: Towards Open Spectrum: Locating Wireless Technology, Regulation and History



"Leading US open spectrum advocate Dewayne Hendricks' keynote presentation to the ABC2 Conference Revolution at the Edge: Broadband Networks and Innovation (Cisco, EMEA Headquarters, Middlesex, England).

  • From the frontier years of wireless as an open innovation commons, to the institutionalization of the regulatory property regime, to the current explosion of un-licensed wireless use with Wi-Fi, and the promise of cognitive radio innovation, Hendricks locates our present crossroads of the wireless revolution and the prospects of an open future for spectrum.
  • "We can't afford to lose another 20 years" he concludes, after highlighting the early 1980s phase of spread-spectrum innovation in the United States that signalled the paradigm shift to shared spectrum use beyond the property real estate model, the subsequent prevalence of spectrum politics over spectrum technology, the unintended consequences of un-licensed spectrum access, and the current promise of cognitive radios and shared spectrum use across bands.
  • "We are undergoing a paradigm shift from the property regimen to the new commons world and beyond (...) in which we may turn the regulatory authority over to the device itself"