Deskilling of the State

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= Article by George Monbiot in the Guardian, Is this the end of civilisation? We could take a different path


Context by Michel Bauwens:

This article from George Monbiot contains a vital insight, to complement our earlier postings on increased corporate functional governance as explained by Frank Pascuale. Add the insight that one of the main planks of the Trump administration is the deskilling of the state and public services, and you start getting a picture of a preparation for direct rule by the most predatory factions of capital, as already evidenced by the nature of his nominees.

George Monbiot:

"In an age of phenomenal complexity and interlocking crises, the Trump administration has embarked on a mass de-skilling and simplification of the state. Donald Trump may have sacked his strategist, Steve Bannon, but Bannon’s professed intention, “the deconstruction of the administrative state”, remains the central – perhaps the only – policy.

Defunding departments, disbanding the teams and dismissing the experts they rely on, shutting down research programmes, maligning the civil servants who remain in post, the self-hating state is ripping down the very apparatus of government. At the same time, it is destroying public protections that defend us from disaster."