Design for Cultural and Urban Commons

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= M.A. course: Design for Cultural Commons



"Why study this course?

The Commons discourse is informed by an idea, which has been around for hundreds of years. In a contemporary context of much inequality, the Commons discourse introduces models of sharing. The Commons are about the assets that belong to everyone, forming resources that should benefit all, rather than being enclosed to just a few. You'll learn about how these shared assets are created, governed, used and distributed without overuse and abuse.

In the UK, commons, and co-production are referred to in government policies and tenders and are currently being discussed in the EU parliament. Beyond teaching you to initiate your commons projects and practice, you'll learn how to raise funds, and make your practice sustainable in the long term.


This unique course teaches students the discourse of Commons, both historical and current. One-third of the course will focus on setting up student's future Commons practice. On completion of the course, students will have an operational practice/business. There will be an array of optional modules, ranging from public policies to social theories and citizenship, micro-economies and digital media. This is complemented with art and design teaching, from relational art, visual communication and performance to architecture and photography.

There is the opportunity to tailor your learning, to construct your own unique curriculum.

On this MA you'll develop projects and organisations, using Commoning as a model. You'll become pioneers in the emerging practices of cultural and urban commons. They will gain expertise in applying creative thinking towards asset sharing, mutual resources, self-governance and peer to peer economic models. Collaborating with cultural institutions and government agencies will enable you to develop related policies.

The course will support students in gaining membership to the International Association for the Study of the Commons. This will enable you to gain awards, as well as access international collaboration opportunities and platforms for knowledge exchange following your MA." (