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"The Democratic Society works to promote active citizenship and political participation.

Against a background of declining political participation and increasing disillusion with politics, the need for deeper and richer public debate is obvious. A renewal of politics needs to strengthen democracy and the public voice, without allowing propaganda or extremists to crowd out the public as they have done on the Internet.

One of our early projects is TalkIssues, which we're working on in partnership with FutureGov, Kevin Anderson and a small team of contributors. During the election campaign, we'll be writing up the real issues, not the personalities, and hosting a space for discussion.

The Society plans to promote high quality and trustworthy engagement, starting at local level. It will create a network of activists to lead and sponsor offline events and discussions; supported, informed and broadened by online tools. It aims to become the most popular, most authoritative and most trustworthy place for citizens, online and off." (