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"This document, which defines the “Democracy 2” initiative, is in a draft version and is a first step towards defining a framework to implement change and openness in political systems to build a more representative democratic system." (


Armando Vieira:

"The main principal of democracy is that the power belongs to the people. However, in the early years of the modern age’s democracy, the major part of people was not even instructed and therefore not prepared to take wise decisions. So, it was necessary to ask them to delegate their power to a group of instructed and prepared people, capable of taking wise decisions and rule on the behalf of the all community. This is called the representative democracy. By the means of elections, the community chooses what they considered to be the more well‐prepared candidates to rule for them.

However, we have been watching the degradation of this model, over the decades. The disruption of this system has been created by the influence of particular lobbies, since the system has born, because the citizens could do very little to prevent partiality in the governance of the State. Recently, this constant growing disruption has achieved big proportions, which led some countries to a point not far from the social and economic collapse.

On the other hand, today’s civilization has improved its readiness to take decisions and its knowledge level. So, there are many people claiming to have now their power back or to be directly involved in the important decisions, instead of just putting a cross on a voting paper, each 4 years.

Regarding the bad consequences and the fact that people now are more capable of doing decisionmaking and are claiming to be part of the key decisions for their lives, we believe the time of the representative democracy is over and it’s time to put in place a more suitable model." (

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