Declaration of Economic Liberty and Interdependence

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Shaila Agha and Will Ruddick:

"The mission of Grassroots Economics Foundation is to enable people, groups and organizations to develop local economic systems, in order to trade, share, value, and support collective action. We seek to align grassroots economic systems with long term social and ecological health and declare the following:

  • Declaration of Economic Liberty and Interdependence

We recognize the struggle of people forced to use monopolistic currencies and the necessity of people to organize for the establishment of decentralized and interconnected economic systems.

We hereby show our support towards the development of regulations, standards, policies and technologies that enable communities to create their own and connect to other economic systems and safeguard people from the dangers of monopolistic currencies for the betterment of humankind and our harmonious coexistence on planet Earth.

We pledge to provide and support equitable, accessible and inclusive financial systems for all: Money created by the people, for the people."