Decentralized Urban Farming

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"Imagine an urban CSA (Community-Supported Agriculture) operation that, instead of being located on one site, is spread out across many backyard gardens.

“Launched earlier this year, San Francisco-based My Farm calls itself a decentralized urban farm that grows vegetables in backyard gardens throughout the city. For anywhere between USD 600 and USD 1,000—depending on size—the company will install an organic vegetable garden in a customer’s back yard. My Farm will first test the ground for toxins and other soil-composition issues, and gardens can be as small as 4-by-4-feet or so large as to completely transform the back yard. Customers can also choose whether to produce just enough for their own family or whether to become owner-members producing enough for My Farm to sell as well. Either way, once the garden’s in, My Farm will maintain it using organic and permaculture techniques …” (