Decentralized Accelerationism

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= compare d/acc to e/acc, here at Effective Accelerationism


Vitalik Buterin:

(These) "technologies are an excellent example of d/acc principles: they allow users and communities to verify trustworthiness without compromising privacy, and protect their security without relying on centralized choke points that impose their own definitions of who is good and bad. They improve global accessibility by creating better and fairer ways to protect a user or service's security than common techniques used today, such as discriminating against entire countries that are deemed untrustworthy. These are very powerful primitives that could be necessary if we want to preserve a decentralized vision of information security going into the 21st century. Working on defensive technologies for cyberspace more broadly can make the internet more open, safe and free in very important ways going forward."



Vitalik Buterin:

"Is d/acc compatible with your existing philosophy?

If you are an e/acc, then d/acc is a subspecies of e/acc - just one that is much more selective and intentional.

If you are an effective altruist, then d/acc is a re-branding of the effective-altruist idea of differential technology development, though with a greater emphasis on liberal and democratic values.

If you are a libertarian, then d/acc is a sub-species of techno-libertarianism, though a more pragmatic one that is more critical of "the techno-capital machine", and willing to accept government interventions today (at least, if cultural interventions don't work) to prevent much worse un-freedom tomorrow.

If you are a Pluralist, in the Glen Weyl sense of the term, then d/acc is a frame that can easily include the emphasis on better democratic coordination technology that Plurality values.

If you are a public health advocate, then d/acc ideas can be a source of a broader long-term vision, and opportunity to find common ground with "tech people" that you might otherwise feel at odds with.

If you are a blockchain advocate, then d/acc is a more modern and broader narrative to embrace than the fifteen-year-old emphasis on hyperinflation and banks, which puts blockchains into context as one of many tools in a concrete strategy to build toward a brighter future.

If you are a solarpunk, then d/acc is a subspecies of solarpunk, and incorporates a similar emphasis on intentionality and collective action.

If you are a lunarpunk, then you will appreciate the d/acc emphasis on informational defense, through maintaining privacy and freedom."