Debating Basic Income on Al Jazeera

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"Enno Schmmidt, Stanislas Jourdan, Ash Navabi and Francine Mestrum discuss the idea of an Unconditional Basic Income on Al Jazeera English."

Switzerland could soon adopt an Unconditional Basic Income or UBI which means every adult national would receive a monthly paycheck of approximately $2,800 from the government. The money is guaranteed regardless of employment status. Proponents say UBI would end poverty. Opponents worry it would harm Switzerland's competitiveness.

In this episode, The Stream speaks with:

Stanislas Jourdan @basicincomeEU Coordinator, Unconditional Basic Income Europe

Ash Navabi @ashnavabi Blogger, Mises Institute Canada

Enno Schmidt Co-founder, Basic Income Initiative, Switzerland

Francine Mestrum @FMestrum Founder, Global Social Justice


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