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"This is a work in progress. The Map starts with the aggregation of several trends and memes related to commons and sustainability.

A map of the emergent ecosystem of commons-focused projects will make easier:

  • For activists, innovators, entrepreneurs to recognize which spot or niche they occupy or wish to occupy within the commons action space so they can assert their position and adjust their action in relation to an overarching generative commons discourse.
  • For the various niches find their areas of overlaps and adjacencies so that bridges can be built and exchanges can occur, strengthening the meshing of what emerges into a network of initiatives and achievements that would multiply everyone's impact and accelerate a convergence.
  • For the whole and the parts to get an awareness of each other and access knowledge and tools for engagement and action.

Ultimately, it will enable the development of a framework for discourse and narrative to ensure crossing language barriers between the various niches." (