De-Divinization of the World

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Eric Voegelin on the De-Divinization of the World Through Christianity

"“"A decisive consequence of the leap in being, whether occurring in the pneumatic or noetic mode--through revelation or through philosophy..." succeeding the cosmos of the primary experience. " The new locus of the divine is a "beyond" of existence, a reality experienced as transcending the visible reality. The structure of being itself thereby changes through dissociation and now receives the spatial-metaphorical linguistic indices, immanent and transcendent. The new task faced is relating man's existence, in a world now free of gods, to the divine Ground of being 'located' in the beyond of transcendence. It is at least in part to meet this demand that Greek philosophy developed the symbol participation, in Plato methexis, Aristotle metalepsis. Through the experience of transcendent Being symbolized in revelation and philosophy, men gain release from the old imperial order in the cosmological form."

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