David de Ugarte on Phyles and the New Communalism

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Video via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Xv4zHMLAUw


David de Ugarte:

"Twelve years ago I was one of the three original founders of las Indias, with the idea of creating a phyle: neither a community of enterprises nor a group of enterprises "with" communities, but rather a community who collectively own democratic enterprises in order to keep resilient and autonomous enough to make learning and sharing our way living.

During the last decade, las Indias Cooperative Group has performed quite well in the market and became a pretty nice group of organizations: three small worker-owned, knowledge intensive cooperatives, and one non-profit association. We also participate in 3 more companies, and develop activities in Europe and South America.

I have written half a dozen books on networks, phyles, transnationalism and the global transition towards a P2P mode of production. Some of these have been translated into English, Portuguese, Galician and Basque. I'm also a dedicated member of the board of the main Basque NGO, an amateur chef and a passionate -but weak- Go player."