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Frank Visser:

"Loye contacted me some years ago, and introduced me to his many writings. I've happily published his brief essay "Darwin and Wilber", which was specifically written for Integral World (Feb. 19, 2009). He is an enormously prolific scientific writer, for well over fifty years, who has self-published a great many volumes on Darwin and evolution in recent years, among which the book titles Darwin's Lost Theory and Darwin on Love express his vision about Darwin most clearly. For in his understanding, there are two Darwins, one of The Origin of Species (1859), and one of The Descent of Man (1871). The Darwin of Origin proposed natural selection as the main driver of natural pre-human evolution, the Darwin of Descent proposed sexual selection (or "love") as the main driver of human cultural/moral evolution. Where the Darwin of Origin is widely known and has become solidified (Loye would say crystallized) into neo-Darwinism, the Darwin of Descent is largely forgotten, or "lost", as Loye would phrase it.'


Loye is co-founder of the General Evolution Research Group (with Ervin Laszlo and other scientists), and of The Darwin Project. Both initiatives try to correct the erroneous view that Darwin promoted a view of human nature in which selfishness and the "survival of the fittest" were the main ingredient."



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More information

Please check out his website www.davidloye.com for an overview of his works