David Karpf on the Netroots Effect

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Video via http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=tMu6kH8bQZc

an examination of internet age advocacy organizations and their effectiveness in running campaigns


"Karpf walked his audience through an examination of internet age advocacy organizations: examining their effectiveness in running campaigns; how they run campaigns as compared to legacy advocacy groups such as the Sierra Club (an organization that predates the internet by nearly 100 years); and what the future of the netroots movements means for the future of all who are involved in advocacy work. Karpf, who served on the Sierra Club board of directors in graduate school, came equipped with a perspective that combines the physical experience of his grassroots campaign work and the intellectual experience of meticulously mapping the behavior and patterns of online groups such as DailyKos and MoveOn." (http://democracyspot.net/2012/10/14/david-karpf-on-netroots-and-the-moveon-effect/)