David Cayley on Why Ivan Illich Still Matters

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Podcast via https://david-bollier.simplecast.com/episodes/david-cayley-on-ivan-illich-and-western-modernity


A conversation with David Bollier:

"Episode Summary

David Cayley has written a magisterial synthesis and interpretation of his late friend and colleague, Ivan Illich (1926-2002), 'Ivan Illich: An Intellectual Journey', which reveals the ongoing relevance of Illich's searing social critiques. Illich was a radical Christian, cultural historian and itinerant scholar who soared to international fame in the 1970s with such books as 'Medical Nemesis,' 'Deschooling Society' and 'Tools for Conviviality,' which criticized professional institutions for diminishing our humanity. Illich helped lay the intellectual foundations for the world of commoning by validating the power of “vernacular domains” in which we self-organize ourselves – the informal spaces where we perform the “shadow work” of commoning and caring that the mainstream economy and political culture ignores."