David Cameron on how Conservatives Embrace Open Innovation Concepts

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= UK policy speech before NESTA, extolling the virtues of Linux from a Conservatives point of view

URL = http://www.nesta.org.uk/mediaplayer/index.aspx?id=264

(full series from id=263 to 266)


"David Cameron and Adam Afriyie outlined Conservative party thinking on the role of innovation in public policy, with specific emphasis on social innovation and how to stimulate it.

"We're going to move from a top-down system to a bottom-up one. Where money follows the needs and wishes of individuals and the users of services – not the priorities of the bureaucracy. Where we don’t ask, where does the voluntary sector fit in? – but rather: where doesn’t the voluntary sector fit in? Where we in government concentrate on the results that public services deliver, not prescribe the processes they have to follow." (http://www.nesta.org.uk/)