Dave Karpf on the Transformation of American Political Advocacy after MoveOn

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Video via http://liberationtechnology.stanford.edu/events/recording/7310/1/790/


"Online politics is neither limited to "clicktivism" nor comprised of "organizing without organizations." In Dave Karpf's new book, he presents evidence that the new media environment has given rise to a new generation of political advocacy groups. These organizations have redefined membership and fundraising regimes. They have established novel tools for gauging supporter opinion and pioneered nimble mobilization tactics that keep pace with the accelerated media cycle. These tactical innovations have not spread equally to older interest groups. Nor have they spread equally across the political spectrum -- "netroots" political organizations are much stronger on the left than the right. In Karpf's research presentation, he will highlight key findings and ongoing puzzles regarding the nature and scope of the "MoveOn Effect" in American politics." (http://liberationtechnology.stanford.edu/events/the_moveon_effect_the_unexpected_transformation_of_american_political_advocacy/)