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= "Male Datalove, Not Cyberwar"!



"Recently, Telecomix agents released the "principles of datalove" to explain why they work on free communication and net neutrality for all people, world wide. These principles produce more questions than answers. Readers, external as well as some agents, may have problems grasping the meaning of datalove.

This text is an approach to explain what datalove means.

Datalove is the love of communication. No matter what kind of communication. "Let data flow" is nothing else but "keep communication alive".

Datalove is so exciting! It's all about the availability of data. What people do with it is not the question. The point is: people need data. Need to get it. Need to give it. Need to share it. Need to do things with it, by means of it.

Datalove is caring about what makes things possible. After that - here come the difficulties. And the possibilities. Datalove is embracing the uncertain.

Sadly, old misconceptions and rivaling interests exist and try to hinder the flow of communication, and thus the datalove." (


Obstructions to datalove

"An example are the misconceptions of politicians, who keep trying to establish exceptions for the expression of certain types of data. They say they have to prevent the circulation of anything which might lead to "hate speech," and restricting child porn is used as an excuse to give them carte blanche in order to restrict the communication ability of others. Consequently, every individual needs the freedom to deal with data for itself and to take the implied responsibilty, rather than being told what data one can or can not receive.

An important principle, thus, is to be a neutral carrier instead of judging and selecting the data in question. Some of us on an individual level might not like a particular type of information, media, or idea, but they understand the fact that the restriction of the circulation of any piece of data, unavoidingly leads to the restriction of the flow of all of it.

It is also important to understand that "intellectual property" is a logically and morally illegitimate concept. Speaking of intellectual property is an attempt to force an inherently acorporal substance (data) to behave and be governed in the manner of physical objects. This cannot work, and whenever it is attempted, repression and fascism are the logical and entirely predictable outcomes.

In a world of datalove, this is unacceptable.

Since the release of the "Principles of datalove", there has been criticism. Some readers claim that these principles propagate post privacy or data communism. Datalove isn't about information or context. It's a data driven concept. It is about the flow of data that is released into the wilderness of the net. If data of any kind is exposed to the internet, it has to be treated equally from then on. If some data is meant to be private, it should not reach the internet in the first place. There is no delete function in the internet. This can not be changed. It has nothing to do with datalove.

Datalove is about appreciation of being able to understand, perceive and process data altogether for the enjoyment and progress of all sentient beings. Datalove is creating peace and knowledge that has thus far been hindered by the obstruction of communication. Datalove is freedom in practice.

Let there be freedom for all people and computers." (

==Manifesto: The Principles of Datalove

  • Love data
  • Data is essential
  • Data must flow
  • Data must be used
  • Data is neither good nor bad
  • There is no illegal data
  • Data is free
  • Data can not be owned
  • No man, machine or system shall interrupt the flow of data
  • Locking data is a crime against datanity
  • Love data


More Information

  • info [at] datalove [dot] me