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= Data analysis and visualization for the #15m network-system



DatAnalysis15m is a transdisciplinary group aimed at investigating the usage of digital tools by the 15m movement.

Born in June 2012 at the initiative of Javier Toret, it is composed of researchers, activists and programmers with expertise in different fields including social computing, psychology, data mining, social network analysis, complex systems, sentiment analysis, big data.

During the last year, it has organised seminars on the collection, analysis and visualization of data from social media, with a special focus on networked citizen movements and the mobilizations aroused since 2011.

The group is conducting an investigation on techno-politics and the 15m network-system based on the study of interaction patterns, network dynamics and emotional contagion that made possible and that characterize the 15m movement.

More Information

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  • City: Barcelona
  • Location: 41.3850639, 2.1734034999999