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URL = https://provocations.darkmatterlabs.org/organising-beyondtherules-at-dark-matter-labs-e59e4f5dd32f


Indy Johar et al. :

"In this 4 part blog series, we’ll share how we’ve been building the organisational infrastructure for this work and what we’re learning:

  • This blog (1) sets the context of our work and how we’re working towards a platform for DM that is mission-led, planetary in mindset, international in nature, primarily remote and legally compliant.

  • Blog 2 looks at what’s needed for people to navigate complex, emergent work. In particular, at how we try to compound learning and construct legibility in our systems.

  • Blog 3 looks at how we are working towards a distributed system of governance through self-management, legal stewardship and other means. It looks at the platform of deep care, security and safety required for this.

  • Blog 4 looks at how we organise as a team to build organisational infrastructure and the impact that our way of organising has on our ability to do our work.