Dark Enlightenment

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= idea expressed in the works of Mencius Moldbug and Nick Land

Contextual Quote

“The two men’s insight into our present between-stages predicament is remarkably detailed, although it can take some time to sort out all of the ideas that are presented. The insight that you will gain into the hidden connections within the ruling/controlling classes will make the effort well worth your while. We seem to be caught at the junction of the age of decadence and the age of decline/collapse. With the installment of the US Biden presidency in 2021, the powers behind the thrones officially announced their intention to break through the barriers and to proceed to the stages of irreversible decline and collapse. It is not certain how long that process will take. It is not even clear that the Sorosian project to bring about collapse will be successful in the long run. I do not know of any current viable antidote to bring about the emergence of western civilization from the current toxic woke-green slave cult it has been immersed in. As Moldbug and Land describe so well, the interlocking tendrils connecting the ruling/controlling classes are too prolific and too tight. They form suffocating layers in societies that block the light and poison the air. From the moment of birth, humans are immersed in this toxic suffocation to varying degrees — depending upon the level of awareness of parents and other caretakers. The oblivious thralls thus entrapped lack all awareness of their plights. The ideas that might lead to a viable antidote are in the wind. But they have not been connected to form a working prototype yet.”

- Al Fin [1]