Danyl Strype on the Open App Ecosystem and the Collaborative Technology Alliance

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= OPEN 2018 - Open Space: Open App Ecosystem - Danyl Strype led discussion

URL = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJR7IHeLADo


"Open App Ecosystem / Collaborative Technology Alliance get together – A discussion between people who are part of the Open App Ecosystem group on Loomio, or anyone who works on open source apps that could be part of a larger collaborative suite (like Loomio, MetaMaps, Discourse, Mastodon, GitLab etc) or ), or anyone who works on open source platforms that sets of apps can run on (like Sandstorm or Cloudron), or anyone who works with hosting collectives / cooperatives that build collaborative suites from open source apps and platforms (like RiseUp, FramaSoft, Social.coop, Disroot etc)."