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= the Dungarpur Renewable Energy Technologies produces the Solar Lamp from the Solar Ujra Through Localization for Sustainability project

URL = http://www.soulsiitb.in/durga.php


"Dungarpur Renewable Energy Technologies Pvt. Limited (DURGA Energy) is one of its own kind module manufacturing plant completely owned and operated by local tribal women of Dungarpur District, Rajasthan. The women from the self-help group formed under the four clusters of Antri, Biladi, Jhonthri and Punali co-jointly own the company. The company is equipped to make all standard as well as custom-designed solar panels raging for 1Wp to 330Wp modules. The company also provides a range of solar solutions including solar home systems, solar lamps, solar street lights, solar based toys, and grid connected PV solar systems along with their installation and service even to the remotest households in the Dungarpur. It also supports the local solar retailers and entrepreneurs and has been instrumental in providing local technology based livelihoods. The company has a variety of state-of-the-art equipments and machines, including Solar Cell Cutter, Solar Cell Tester, Tabbing and Stringing Stations, Layup Tables, Electro-Luminance (EL) Tester, Laminator, Al-Framing Machines, Module Simulator among others. The company has provided employment to 200 local people, with 56 women getting direct employment." (http://www.soulsiitb.in/durga.php)