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DNA is the genetic information or Design of living organisms.


Patrick Anderson:

Similar to copy-protection schemes employed by some software companies, proprietary genetics are often designed to remove abundance by disabling the otherwise natural quality of self-copying - or propagation.

Monsanto does this with Terminator(TM) technology, and more recently with http://www.TransContainer.wur.nl described as "Developing efficient and stable biological containment systems for genetically modified plants."

According to User Ownership Theory, Profit increases as consumer control decreases.

http://www.grain.org/hybridrice/?lid=197 "Why are farmers again being compelled to go for cultivation dependent on fertilizer-pesticide-irrigation?" UBINIG and Nayakrishi Andolon ask in a statement released at the conference. "The fact is that the government is going to offer subsidy on fertilizer, pesticide, electricity and pump machine, etc. to introduce hybrid seeds in the interest of the company. It is known to every one that the farmers will not be able to save and use hybrid seeds for next year. They will be again bound to buy seeds from the market with higher price. This sort of decision is a sheer neglect of the real needs of the farmers. Bangladeshi farmers have enough of their own high yielding varieties of aman and boro rice, which needs to be protected and promoted."

"since monopoly seed business can not be established with the local varieties of rice, so the efforts are there to destroy the local seed system in order to create market for seed from the companies."

Profit abhors nature. Nature must learn that profit is a measure of Poverty if it is to survive the drive to eliminate all natural genetic lines. Profit is perpetuated for power and to keep Price Above Cost.

We are toying with the future of our planet and the livelyhood of all living organisms. Treating profit as a reward for Owners is DANGEROUS because it INVERTS our natural goals of Abundance and Peace.

Profiteers consider abundance Worthless because keeping price above cost requires poverty.

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