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= "A global research project in advanced solutions for decentralized economic systems".



"The leading research group on sustainable and scalable decentralized applications for incentivized peer-to-peer networks, DERPA is a collaboration between some of the top technical, financial, and business minds in crypto-currency and network routing protocols.

As the world shifts to a new paradigm of decentrally secured information systems, the potential has been demonstrated for technologies like Bitcoin to offer dramatic advancements in security, performance, cost, and accessibility over legacy financial systems.

The incredible demand for these new trustless systems has generated significant traction and recognition for the technology along with real profit opportunities for early movers. The materialization of rapidly growing financial markets along with software and services industries, demonstrates the advantages of reduced barriers to entry and a lower cost financial system in accelerating economic growth, diversity and efficiency.

The rapid development of these secure payment networks to soon include automated processing of financial and legal transactions, has created potential applications for this technology in all areas of business, finance, and governance, and this is just the beginning as we now start to see the next stage in the technological revolution.

The goal of next generation decentralized financial technology is to further harness the power of the incentive mechanisms in these systems by rewarding usable utility provided to the network by processing nodes. The additional value created by the network's additional utility beyond transaction processing may lead to resources such as network bandwidth and data storage experiencing exponential growth similar to or in excess of the growth in the Bitcoin network's total computing power.

At DERPA we support the evolution and development of this new technology by exploring potential solutions to some of its biggest challenges regarding sustainability and scalability and through the creation of a business model which will support the development of the technology far into the future.

DERPA pursues it's vision on the principles of innovation, leadership, integrity and co-operation, and in the spirit of improving the economic status of all humans and the respectful treatment of all earth's limited resources."