DEAL City Portraits - Doughnut Economics Methodology

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Kiran Kashyap:

"The DEAL City Portraits methodology takes a different approach which is not focused solely on bioregional economies but also on the global implications of local human activity. The City Portraits tools and methods do not explicitly argue for economic relocalisation or earth-centred cultures but rather they strive to account for impacts across four domains: local-social, local-ecological, global-social and global-ecological. The two local domains place an emphasis on the creation of thriving and regenerative local economies which is very much aligned with a move towards bioregional economies. The two complementary global domains seek to address the impacts of global supply chains and the externalisation of costs associated with prevailing cultures of overconsumption. These aspects are crucial mechanisms to help create accountable global relations especially when considering that our economies might not be relocalised in their entirety. In saying this, a clearer articulation of the global impacts of our supply chains, for example, ecological devastation through raw material extraction or oppressive labour conditions, could itself drive a move towards bioregional economic relocalisation. The City Portraits approach is broad and necessitates a diverse multi-stakeholder involvement to help ground the process in place. Varied outcomes can develop from this methodology including socio-material interventions and the formation of circular networks along with proposals for reformed governance." (