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* Book: Cybergrace. By Antonio Spadare. Self-published Kindle ed., 22 pages.

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"How to deal with the question of spirituality in the age of the internet? The popular opinion that there is no space for spirituality in the technologized world is clearly refuted. Nevertheless we live a time in which the logic of the Net influences the way we think, learn, communicate and maybe believe and pray as well. Spadaro here tries to identify some key issues that seem particularly relevant, starting with the popular use of certain applications and technologies.

Antonio Spadaro (1966) is a Jesuit priest, editor of the influential Italian magazine "La Civiltà Cattolica". He is also Consultor for the Pontifical Council for Culture and for the Pontifical Council for Social Communications. He is the first Italian priest who joined Twitter (@antoniospadaro) and runs a blog about theology and cyberculture ( The Economist wrote about him: "he noticed that hackers and students of hacker culture used the language of theological value when writing about creativity and coding, so he decided to examine the idea more deeply". Fordham University Press is going to publish his book "Cybertheology. Thinking faith in the internet age".