Cyber Warfare Peacekeeping

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= Cahill, Rozinov, and Mule, define and analyze a new concept in the field of cyber warfare

Article: Cyber warfare peacekeeping. By Cahill, T.P.; Rozinov, K.; Mule, C. Information Assurance Workshop, 2003. IEEE Systems, Man and Cybernetics Society. Volume , Issue , 18-20 June 2003 Page(s): 100 - 106



"Summary: We define and analyze a new concept in the field of cyber warfare - cyber warfare peacekeeping. We identify that in some parts of the world low intensity cyber warfare has been conducted for over three years. The PRC and Taiwan (among others) have established independent elements in their armed forces devoted to cyber warfare. Recent events have shown that cyber warfare would have devastating effects well beyond the boundaries of the combatants. Such a war would have to be brought to an immediate conclusion and most likely would require a "peacekeeping" capability and agency. We identify the various current definitions of cyber warfare and its comparisons to traditional ("kinetic") warfare. We then examine the notion of peacekeeping from its initiation in the 5O's by the UN to the "robust" or proactive peacekeeping developed in the 90 's principally in reaction to situations in Somalia, Bosnia, Kosovo, Sierra Leone and East Timor. We then suggest some principles of cyber warfare peacekeeping and discuss possible practices and technologies to support such an activity. Finally we describe a cyber warfare peacekeeping laboratory workbench, some early experiments and development concepts and some next steps." (