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The Croquet Project = 3D Development project for massive collaboration

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Presenters: Julian Lombardi, Ph.D., and Preston Austin

"The Croquet™ Project is a complete development and delivery platform that enables massive numbers of people to carry out highly collaborative work. Croquet's 3D wide-area visual environment makes it possible for large numbers of people to enjoy shared telepresence, shared authorship of complex spaces and their contents, and shared access to network-deliverable information resources.

• Croquet is designed to be an operating system for the post-browser Internet.

• Croquet utilizes a highly portable virtual machine that runs bit-identical on Windows, Macintosh, Linux, and ultimately on its own hardware - yielding complete interoperability.

• Croquet is truly built in open source. Its future depends on how well applications are designed and built on the core Croquet technology.

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