Critical Integral Community Principles

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As proposed by Mario Spassov:

"1. get a job which guarantees your material well-being not to be dependent on your worldview being "true".

2. put your worldview into the public domain in form of a grand narrative.

3. start where you stand and permanently switch off the comparing mind as soon as it jumps in.

4. focus on excellence, presence and care for the common good instead.

5. make sure the community expects different degrees of commitment and contribution from all peers.

6. don't shy away from thinking big - in having a worldview or consciousness you do it anyway.

7. don't get lost in details, chose the details on which to focus all your attention against the background of your grand narrative.

8. take all traditions seriously - but not at once.

9. disciplinary boundaries are primarily pragmatic. thought can master them all.

10. say only the things you feel you have to say and share for the sake of others. the rest keep for yourself.

11. explain the things you have to say as clearly as possible and learn to express them in different ways, coming from different starting-points.

12. rethink your thinking again and again and always start from a different point of view or different observation/problem.

13. don't get lost in discourse, paradigm-wars and mere repetition of what authorities have said to be true.

14. make sure your thinking is grounded and not mere talk or bad metaphysics.

15. leave a trace that makes visible to other people how you came to certain conclusions in the first place, don't pretend being a magician or genius.

16. play the magician-card only where your feel it is necessary to make your environment take you seriously (for it's own sake).

17. break down the grand narrative into essential statements and injunctions that can easily be understood and/or falsified.

18. synchronise your learning-process with other peers and take up collective commitments and goals.

19. once you have taken up a commitment as a group follow it up until you reach a plateau.

20. kicking each other's asses is ok, as long as it only serves getting beyond your present boundaries.

21. admit what you cannot make sense of yet and which concepts you feel deep aversion for.

22. do your homework. admit when you've not done your homework well.

23. allow yourself to feel guilty when you fail. but then go on.

24. allow yourself be proud of yourself. and yet laugh at yourself.

25. give yourself away and yet also something to yourself.

26. ask Mario for his 26th principles

27. live your worldview.

28. get a life & stop reading "how-to" manuals and guidelines."