Coviolo Wireless Project

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Christian Iaione et al. :

"An example that shows the role of the city as an enabler of the creation of a public-private-community partnership for the creation of a wireless network is the Coviolo wireless project in the city of Reggio Emilia (Emilia Romagna Region, Italy). The city of Reggio Emilia, a private business and an urban community formed a partnership for the creation and co-governance of a wireless network. The city contributes with financial support and offering free electric power to the urban community involved in the project. The private business will provide the network infrastructure and the management of it. The urban community, organized in the form of a community center will be the intermediary between the users and the infrastructure, managing the access to the network including of the revenues that come from charging users for access (controlled fee of access) and cooperating with the management carried out by the private business." (