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Cosmopool = provides a tool in the internet with which you can share your resources with others in solidaric communities, and which aids in founding such communities.


Cosmopool global, the implementation and programming project is at


"Many resources are shareable with others, without anybody being at a disadvantage. Within a circle of friends this is common. Nearly everywhere, where people know each other, things are used collectively, are lent, copied illegally, given away for free, are made available permanently, teached each other mutually; people help each other, etc..

Everything can end up in such communities, i.e. on the one hand material things (the drilling machine, the ice crusher, the mobile home, ...), but also structural resources (the guestroom, the internet access, ...) and often also skills and knowledge (computer skills, help in moving houses, repairing skills, ...).

The whole society works like this, where just within a circle of friends such kinds of shared "usage" usually happen without money. Clearly, everybody keeps an eye on the condition of the resources an on developing the relation with respective lenders or receivers, but it hardly matters whether the mutuality is really balanced in terms of cash value or net hours of work. Or, in order to not take just the quantifyable part of this agreement into account: Actually there is no fixed rule, according to which such kinds of "usage communities" are emerging. One has this or that condition, the other one likes it differently. With whom... with which aims... with which concrete matters... the individuals come to an agreement on the shared usage is very different." (

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