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= spanish research project on p2p relationality



By Sofía Coca:

"Copylove started in 2011 as a local informal network for investigations into commons and feminist practices. Later, it turned into a public and open investigation via (only in Spanish) led by Sofía Coca (ZEMOS98, Sevilla), Txelu Balboa (COLABORABORA, Euskadi) and Rubén Martínez (Fundación de los Comunes, Barcelona) in which we tried to extract, from the experiences we had, what kind of ties and relations are established within a community of agents, whose practices and ways of doing generate commons for the whole community. Copylove was a way of getting deeper into all that we consider that reproduces desirable conditions of existence: affection, processes of interdependence, mutual aid, community love, care, etc. When we say Copylove, we mean everything we produce and reproduce that can take us closer to “good living”, to a sustainable living, and not simply in monetary terms." (

In Spanish:

"Copylove es una investigación en tercera persona que trata de extraer de las experiencias vividas cuáles son los tipos de vínculos y relaciones que se establecen en una comunidad de agentes cuyas prácticas y modos de hacer generan bienes comunes para toda la comunidad."