Cooperative Economics Alliance of New York

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= CEANYC is an "effort to develop and expand a multi-sectoral cooperative initiative in New York City".


Cliff Rosenthal:

"I'm happy to report that we had a very successful annual meeting and launch on April 18 at the Community Resource Exchange in Manhattan. Some 40 people attended, representing food, housing, credit, worker, and other cooperatives and community-based social justice organizations. Especially exciting was the diversity -- ethnically, racially, generationally. We elected a five-person board of directors -- labor and community organizers, African American women's collective, food co-op member, worker co-op representative, folks who have jointly worked to get us to this point.

Cheyenna Weber who has been the driving force in getting us to this point deserves mountains of credit for her years of devoted, largely unpaid labor in bringing the vision of CEANYC to this reality. We are encouraged by the possibilities before us, and the energy we see and feel." (email, April 2016)