Cooperative Commonwealth Connections in Ireland

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Compiled by Kevin Flanagan, 2018:

  • Davie Phillips, Cloughjordan Ecovillage, has being doing great work these past few years promoting commons and cooperative alternatives. His email is [email protected]
  • Peter Doran in Queens has been an active promoter of the Commons approaches [email protected]
  • Brendan Murtagh from Queens also gave an excellent presentation in Maynooth on the potential for solidarity economics in Belfast. [email protected]

  • Martina Finn here in Galway has been organising events on Cooperative and Commons alternatives for a number of years. [email protected]
  • Orla Donovan in UCC has organised two three important gatherings the 'Thinkery' that brought people like Gustavo Esteva, Silvia Federici, George Caffentzis and last years thinkery on the water commons. [email protected]

  • The Thinkery was co-organised with Mark Garavan of Feasta ([email protected]) and Patrick Bresnihan [email protected] I consider Patrick one of the best scholars and writers on the subject of the commons in the country.
  • Rachel O Dwyer is also an expert on digital commons currently with a strong focus on blockchain technology. [email protected]

Colm is from Dublin but based in Cambridge. [email protected]

  • Sam Toland is based in Dublin and is an advocate of platform cooperatives and a member of a cooperative social network and alternative to twitter. I'm also a member. I think he is from Belfast. [email protected] He is on the board of this cooperative streaming service

  • Aine Treanor and Jacinta Fay two activists and community development workers here in Galway who are working on plans to start a coop.

[email protected] [email protected]

  • Gabriella Avram is based in University of Limerick and is doing research on platform coops she was also involved in the fab lab there.

[email protected]