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"The Cooperacy Association was founded in Italy, Milan, the 21/07/2015. Its current address is Via Pinamonte da Vimercate 5, 20121 Milano. We're planning to institute a foundation in Holland as in other countries the cost is too high.

The Cooperacy Association was instead born in late 2014, founded by Alessandro Merletti De Palo, as a group of 7 independent researchers in order to find a better framework for cooperation theory that would enable mutual happiness in the world.

It became a legal entity with the co­founder Ilario Tito in 2015, after the first abstract of the model was accepted in the 2015 Collective Intelligence Conference in Santa Clara, held by the University of Michigan, with the support and presence of Facebook and, through the vice­president Regina Duncan, of Google. The Collective Intelligence Conferences are part of the institutional dissemination and confrontation activities fostered by the Centre for Collective Intelligence in the Massachussets Institute of Technology." (