Conversation on Open Access Publishing

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A conversation with three open access publishers about the challenges of sustainability - Saturday, June 23, 2007



System-wide innovations that increase access to the results of research and scholarship are a key interest for the library community. Library support for these innovations, which ranges from being deeply engaged to dedicating scarce resources, is built upon the principle of open access – on evidence that open access accelerates the production, dissemination, and benefits of new knowledge, and on an understanding of the paths and business models that can deliver it. It is with this last point in mind that three of the most important and innovative leaders in scholarly publishing have been asked to speak at the next SPARC-ACRL Forum.


Mark Patterson, Director of Publishing, Public Library of Science

Bryan Vickery, Deputy Publisher, BioMed Central and Editorial Director, Chemistry Central

Paul Peters, Head of Business Development, Hindawi Publishing Corporation